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About Us


OKOndt Group LLC Corporate Mission – increasing reliability, service life and performance quality of industrial equipment through development, manufacturing and implementation of portable devices and comprehensive nondestructive testing systems at the enterprises of:

  • railroad
  • aircraft
  • oil and gas
  • chemical
  • machine engineering
  • metallurgy
  • and other industries – wherever timely detection of surface and internal flaws without interrupting the production flow or in-service inspection is required.


Since 1993


Ready-made products

OEM products

Specialists of the American company OKOndt Group LLC have access to the cutting-edge technologies and educational materials in the field as they are part of the OKOndt GROUP™ group of companies – a globally well-known manufacturer with 25-year experience in the NDT.

Since 1993, OKOndt GROUP™ has been offering development and building of the portable devices and automated nondestructive testing systems. Today, we produce a range of around 4000 kinds of transducers and over 40 devices, including but not limited to:


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OKOndt GROUP™ sustainably develop partnership and clientele in over 60 countries customizing the equipment according to the customers requirements.

Representatives of the OKO Group of companies attend the exhibitions and conferences organized by the American Society For Nondestructive Testing  (ASNT Annual Conference), and starting from 2019, we have been the exhibitors at the Railway Interchange railway exhibition and conference hosted by the  REMSA (The Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association). Due to the increasing number of requests for our equipment purchase and for consultations, a one-stop representative office establishment in the United States of America has become a necessity.  OKOndt Group LLC company was created specially for that purpose.


OKOndt GROUP™ group of companies provides comprehensive NDT services: research and development, manufacturing, personnel training and certification. This enables our specialists to offer a wide range of high-reliability integral technical solutions for NDT tasks, and our clients in turn get the opportunity to:

  • control the state of equipment
  • detect damages and defects in a timely manner
  • precisely identify the level of internal wear and degree of danger of the detected defect
  • keep up high-level safety at their assets, thus assuring a long serviceability of the equipment and cutting time and money expenditures associated with repair and replace.


About OKOndt GROUP™

"OKOndt GROUP™" represents a group of companies with more than 25-year experience in research, development and manufacture of NDT products for industrial clients all over the world, who endeavor to ensure high-level operational safety, quality, and reliability.

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