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OKOndt GROUP™ represents a group of companies with more than 25 years of experience in the research, development, and manufacture of NDT products. Our industrial clients around the world are committed to ensure the highest levels of operational safety, quality, and reliability. Unlike other NDT suppliers, OKOndt GROUP™ provides highly reliable technical solutions at affordable prices, allowing customers to maintain excellent operational stability at a minimum cost.

OKOndt GROUP™ offers both a standard line of NDT instruments and custom equipment and probes built to individual customer specifications and for special materials. In addition to portable devices, we also build large, integrated inspection systems, covering most NDT technologies. Our significant investment in research and development allows us to provide optimized solutions for all of our NDT customers.

OKOndt GROUP companies supply NDT equipment to more than 50 countries

We produce various NDT instruments – from handheld flaw detectors to complex automated inspection systems, which are available worldwide through our network of distributors. In addition to sales, we provide post-sale and warranty services for all our products.

Our equipment utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art methods and techniques for nondestructive testing, including ultrasound, phased array, time-of-flight diffraction (ToFD), electromagnetic acoustic (EMA), eddy current, eddy current array, as well as a wide range of other conventional and custom approaches. We specialize in identifying the appropriate technique or combination of techniques to meet your specific needs.

Our flaw detectors are commonly used in the following industrial sectors:

  • railroad
  • power & aerospace,
  • gas and oil & metallurgy,
  • machine building & manufacturing.

The equipment produced by OKOndt GROUP™ improves the quality of our customers’ finished products and enhances the safety of their infrastructure.

The electromagnetic acoustic (EMA) technique is a combined method of nondestructive testing based on three effects of the interaction between magnetic fields and the test object: magnetostrictive, magnetic, and electrodynamic effects. The electrodynamic effect is caused by inducing eddy currents in a conductive material that interact with constant magnetic field, which, in its turn, initiates crystal-lattice vibrations (whereas elastic acoustic oscillations occur due to mechanical stresses). EMA transducers are capable of generating horizontally & vertically polarized, longitudinal, shear, Lamb, and Rayleigh waves. Horizontally polarized shear waves have minimum attenuation, diffraction, and metal structure refraction coefficients. The EMA technique allows for noncontact ultrasonic examination of material integrity at high temperatures.

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Eddy current techniques are applied in nondestructive testing of surface and sub-surface layers (detection of metal discontinuities), structure analysis, estimation of coat thickness, dimensions, chemistry, and heat treatment quality. Eddy current testing is based on the analysis of the interaction between external and eddy current electromagnetic fields that are induced in test objects. Eddy currents are electric current loops which are excited in a conductor while changing the magnetic field that permeates it. The distinctive feature of eddy current inspection is that it can be performed without any contact between a flaw detector and object under test. The interaction is normally achieved at a short distance which is, nevertheless, sufficient for moving the probe relative to the object. This enables the procurement of excellent measurements even when test objects are moving at a high rate of speed.

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NDT ultrasonic inspection techniques allow the identification of defects located at a considerable depth in various materials, products, and weld joints. Compared to other nondestructive testing methods, ultrasonic flaw detection has significant advantages: a high sensitivity to the most hazardous defects like cracks or incomplete penetration; high capacity; and the ability to supervise the testing directly from an operator’s workplace with no process interruption – all at low operational cost. Ultrasonic examination is applied in a wide range of industries: power, heavy machinery, railroad, ship building, and the chemical sector. Hundreds of thousands of meters of structural welds, tens of thousands of pipe joints, boiler units, rail weld joints, as well as the quality of pressurized tank parts, forgings, tubes, rolled plates and other products are annually inspected by means of ultrasonic NDT techniques.

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ASNT Annual Conference
(Long Beach, USA)

WCNDT Exhibition
(Munich, Germany)

Aerospace Event
(Filton, Bristol, UK)

(Prague, Czech Republic)

(Pune, India)

(Durban, South Africa)

(Gothenburg, Sweden)


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InnoTrans-2022 (Germany)

2022, September 20-23
Messe Berlin, Berlin, Germany
International Trade Fair for Transport Technology



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OKOndt GROUP Hall City Cube, stand B-600
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13th ECNDT Conference (ECNDT 2023)

3-7 July 2023
Praça das Indústrias
1300-307 Lisbon, Portugal

13th ECNDT Conference (ECNDT 2023)


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20th WCNDT (South Korea)

27-31 May 2024
20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT 2024) in in Seoul, South Korea.


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"OKOndt GROUP™" represents a group of companies with more than 25-year experience in research, development and manufacture of NDT products for industrial clients all over the world, who endeavor to ensure high-level operational safety, quality, and reliability.

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