Ultrasonic flaw detectors

UT flaw detector intended for the inspection of one rail line UDS2-77

The UDS2-77 ultrasonic single rail flaw detector is a handpush cart intended for the inspection of one rail line. The product is manufactured in nine modifications and can employ either Slide Search Unit or Roller Search Unit, and contain from 3 to 13 UT probes.

Rail welded joints Testing set USR-01

USR-01 Set is intended for ultrasonic inspection of aluminothermic welded rail joints in accordance with EN14730-1 requirements. The USR-01 Set can be used for inspection of joints welded by the electrocontact method, for secondary rail track inspection based on the results of mechanized and quick systems of ultrasonic testing, as well as for pre-weld inspection of end sections of new and used rails before welding them at rail welding enterprises or in tracks.

Ultrasonic rail defects detector UDS2-73

The flaw detector is intended for defect detection on the running surface of both rails and in the rail cross-section, excluding rail base blades. It employs a flaw detection trolley for continuous testing and manual probes for confirmatory testing of individual rail cross-section segments and welded joints.

Standalone electronic UT flaw detector ОКО-22М-UT

The ОКО-22М-UT ultrasonic flaw detector is a standalone electronic unit. It is intended for application in high-performance automated multi-channel NDT Systems, transportable systems (mechanized NDT systems) or for manual testing.

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