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Conference and Exhibition “Non-destructive testing 2018”, Kyiv

This year, the NDT Conference and Exhibition that is annually organized by OKOndt GROUP™ coincided with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the SPE "Ultracon-Service". Many colleagues from various countries all over the world came to express congrats to the company! 


Turkey, Izmir, December 2018

OKOndt GROUP™ provided demonstration and training on how to operate their NDT equipment: the UDS2-77 ultrasonic rail flaw detector and the eddy current flaw detection trolley for rails ETS2-77. The training took place in the Metro and on the railway track.


European conference of NDT 2018 (ECNDT)

June, 11 – June, 15, Swedish city Gothenburg, OKOndt GROUP™ participated in the Conference and Exhibition organized by the European Federation for NDT! There was a new-comer in our team – the mannequin Stas whose role was to demonstrate the TOFD man Wireless System for welds testing.


Test drive TOFD equipment at Oceaneering International, Inc., UK

On December 11, 2017 in Swansea, UK, the specialists of our partner Oceaneering International, Inc. conducted a test drive of the new equipment for non-destructive testing of pipeline welds – the TOFD.Pro and TOFD.MAN systems produced by OKOndt GROUP.


15th Asia Pacific Conference NDT, Singapore, 2017

"OKOndt GROUP" is a Silver Sponsor of the main event of Asia-Pacific Region in the field of nondestructive testing - 15th Asia Pacific Conference NDT and Exhibition (APCNDT) in Singapore.



"OKOndt GROUP" traditionally participated in the annual ASNT 2017 Conference and Exhibition held by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.


Turkey 2017

Presentation of automated NDT systems and portable ultrasonic flaw detectors for testing of rail car wheel sets at "Tüdemsaş" - the main supplier of freight cars for the Turkish State Railways.


CIS 2017

The onsite testing of our inspection railway trolley UDS2-73 for ultrasonic rail flaw detection.


Ukraine Conference 2014

Since 1996, we have been organizing an annual NDT Conference & Exhibition in Ukraine for our local and foreign partners.


Prague Conference 2013

On October 6-10, 2014 PROMPRYLAD LLC participated in the 11th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT), organized by Czech Society for NDT and European Federation for NDT at Prague Congress Centre in Prague, Czech Republic, where PROMPRYLAD LLC presented UT and ET equipment and paper "New portable eddy current flaw detector and application examples".


South Africa 2012

Together with ETher NDE company (UK) we took part in the exhibition in Durban to promote our new portable flaw detectors.

About OKOndt GROUP™

"OKOndt GROUP™" represents a group of companies with more than 25-year experience in research, development and manufacture of NDT products for industrial clients all over the world, who endeavor to ensure high-level operational safety, quality, and reliability.

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