Flaw detectors for nondestructive testing

OKOndt GROUP has extensive experience in the production of a variety of flaw detectors – ultrasonic, eddy-current and electromagnetic acoustic. We also carry a wide spectrum of NDT automated testing equipment. NDT automated testing products are highly sophisticated, specialized tools to meet specific inspection needs in the manufacturing of prefabricated components and parts. Automated testing systems usually combine multiple, specialized flaw detectors with other NDT tools.

Ultrasonic flaw-detection tools are designed for nondestructive detection of defects, such as discontinuity or inhomogeneity in raw stock material or in finished items, in-process goods, welded, soldered, bolted, riveted, and other joints. However, ultrasonic flaw detectors can also be used for other testing tasks, such as accurate measurement of thickness, assessment of sound velocity in various materials, etc.

Ultrasonic testing
Eddy-current testing
Automated testing
EMA testing

Ultrasonic thickness gauges are NDT tools that utilize the same principles as UT flaw detectors, but serve only for estimating thicknesses of components and parts, and calculating sound velocities in them.

As their name suggests, eddy-current flaw detectors utilize the properties of eddy currents to test parts and components for the presence of surface or subsurface defects or discontinuity (cracks, overlaps, holes, fine cracks, etc.).

Regardless of the specific task for which you are purchasing your nondestructive testing device, you will receive a full kit of NDT testing equipment, including a variety of transducers, cables, and calibration blocks for different applications, which allows you to reconfigure the basic flaw detector to handle any specialized or universal flaw detection. If your needs extend beyond our standard configurations, OKOndt GROUP can work with you to configure a custom solution. Contact OKOndt GROUP today, and let us customize a solution to meet your specific NDT needs.

About OKOndt GROUP

OKOndt GROUP represents a group of companies with more than 30 years of experience in research, development and production of non-destructive testing products for industrial customers around the world. The group's production companies are "Ultracon-Service" LLC and "Promprylad" LLC.

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