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SNK KB-13 System of Automated Ultrasonic Quality Testing of Wheels and Rims

SNK KB-13 System of Automated Ultrasonic Quality Testing of Wheels and Rims

The System is intended for work in assembly with the line of quality control of wheel and rim products.

The SNK KB – 13 System assures wheel and rim testing in compliance with AAR M 107/208 and EN 13262, UIC 810-1, ISO 5948, with subsequent return of tested products to the finished product acceptance stand.

The SNK KB – 13 System is designed to inspect finished and machined railway wheels and rims with the following parameters:

  • Wheel/rim weight — from 200 kg to 1300 kg.
  • Wheel/rim diameter — from 700 mm to 1350 mm.
  • Rim width — from 80 mm to 160 mm.
  • Rim thickness — from 35 mm to 150 mm.

The SNK KB – 13 System allows to perform ultrasonic testing of the tread of a car wheel in axial and radial directions, of the wheel hub from two opposite sides, along with visualization of the test process, test result verification for compliance with the standard, and data transfer to the server with subsequent generation of test reports.

The «SNK KB – 13» System provides the following functions:

  • Testing of the tread of a car wheel in axial and radial directions. Minimal defect diameter – 1 mm. Minimal depth of the defect – 5 mm.
  • Wheel hub testing in axial direction. Minimal defect diameter – 3 mm. Minimal depth of the defect – 5 mm.
  • Possibility to configure the test that allows to limit the number of defects and the distance between defects in compliance with the standards.
  • Evaluation of defect parameters (defect depth, approximate coordinate, amplitude, equivalent defect size, equivalent area in millimeters).
  • Defect parameter display in the “Defect Table/Defectogram,” in the A-Scan, B-Scan, and C-Scan, saving the data to the System memory, with a possibility to print them out.
  • Light and sound defect alarm.
  • Saving of various test configurations with different probe sets, coordinates, travel speeds.
  • Marking of the good products and defects with paint in order to confirm the defect further in manual mode.
  • Test results (protocol) output in an electronic version in «.xls» or «.pdf» formats with a possibility of printing them out.

The SNK KB – 13 System is operated by the dedicated software which enables automatic management of the System mechanical units, as well as reading, processing, and recording of test results.

The System design ensures safety of maintenance personnel, automatic blocking, alarm, and emergency shutdown.

Main parameters and features

  • The SNK KB – 13 System test throughput – from 10 wheels/rims per hour.
  • The SNK KB – 13  System readjustment time and preparation for another wheel/rim type scanning at a given software configuration for a specific assortment is not more than 10 min; for another assortment when the software is not configured – not more than 120 min.
  • Generator sounding pulse amplitude is not less than 180 V at the pulse duration (60 ± 20) ns and the duration of the leading edge is not more than 20 ns.
  • Operating frequency of the probe – 4-5 MHz.
  • Number of ultrasonic channels – 6.
  • Maximum PRF – 2000 Hz.
  • Channel sensitivity (Signal to noise ratio) – 16 dB.
  • Involute measurement step – can be adjusted within 1 to 8 mm.
  • Absolute error of the defect depth – not more than ±3 mm.
  • Absolute error of the defects relative position along the scanning path – no more than ± 15 mm.

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