New stage of the OKOndt GROUP™ history – Asian-Pacific Region (APR) based cooperation strengthening

New stage of the OKOndt GROUP™ history – Asian-Pacific Region (APR) based cooperation strengthening

OKOndt GROUP™’s developments in the NDT field are well-known and actively used worldwide. Flaw detectors, thickness gauges, probes, automated testing systems engineered by OKO are implemented in the enterprises of various industries around the globe:

  • EU
  • Eastern Europe
  • North and South Americas
  • Asia
  • CIS.

OKOndt GROUP's NDT equipment that is popular with the foreign customers


With regards to extension of the cooperation geography and search of new sales markets, the OKOndt GROUP™ management made a decision on reinforcing the standing of the company in the Asian-Pacific Region by assuring the APR countries of direct access to their products.

Interest to the NDT over the Region

Countries of the South-Eastern Asia having dynamically developing industry and accelerated construction are in need of the devices and systems that are capable of testing the safety of:

  • the railways
  • manufacturing
  • energy system

as well as of NDT personnel training and their qualification upgrade.

The specialists of our group of companies could meet many times the representatives of Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Korea during the visits to the European and American conferences where the delegations from above countries went to learn the world expertise, form an idea of the overseas technologies, get the consultations from the world leaders of the field.

Understanding of the NDT products value and growing interest in improving the equipment and testing systems at their assets encouraged the APR countries to establish regional conference Asia Pacific Conference NDT (APCNDT) at the beginning of the 21st century, the volume of which has been increasing year by year and, now, has achieved an international scale assuring the organizers of the possibility to invite leading NDT experts from all over the world.

In 2017, OKO group of companies, together with other renowned manufacturers like Olympus, GE, Eddyfi Technologies, got the invitation to participate in the 15th APCNDT Forum.

15th Asia Pacific Conference NDT (APCNDT)

The 15th Asia Pacific Conference NDT (APCNDT)-2017 was held in Singapore, at the major complex Marina Bay Sands, conference-hall of which served as a platform for the report speakers, where the discussions and presentations were featured, and the exhibit halls were overwhelmed with the related exhibits and the visitors could not only have a look at the same, but also to communicate with those who featured the products, technical specialists and experts. The event took place on November 13-17.


OKOndt GROUP delegates in Singapore at the 15th Asia Pacific Conference NDT (APCNDT)-2017
OKOndt GROUP's booth attracts attention of the attendees of the 15th Asia Pacific Conference NDT (APCNDT)-2017
OKOndt GROUP's specialists at the company's booth at the 15th Asia Pacific Conference NDT (APCNDT)-2017



The team of Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute for Non-Destructive Testing which is the part of the OKOndt GROUP™ group of companies was actively involved in discussions on the outstanding NDT issues. The OKO’s engineers showcased the equipment that was moved to the Exhibition VIP-hall by the organizers.


In total, over 80 companies represented cutting-edge technologies and innovative products and equipment for NDT.

During the event, the OKOndt GROUP™ engineers featured the last development of the company in the ultrasonic flaw detection of the welded joints – the TOFD Man System.

Partnership in NDT in the APR

OKO participation in the 15th Asia Pacific Conference NDT was a success – quality and capabilities of the showcased equipment impressed a lot the attendees.As a result, it became possible to establish business partnership with Singaporean, Indonesian, Indian, and Australian companies.

After the conference, to make communication more efficient and active, and to provide the partners and new clients with high-quality and complete information, it was decided to create a new web-site in the Asian-Pacific Region Detailed information about all the OKO’s product range, as well as contacts of the local representatives of the company in the Region where an interested person can send a request for the OKOndt GROUP™’s product purchase.

About OKOndt GROUP

OKOndt GROUP represents a group of companies with more than 30 years of experience in research, development and production of non-destructive testing products for industrial customers around the world. The group's production companies are "Ultracon-Service" LLC and "Promprylad" LLC.

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